Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

“Art Tiles at Venice Beach A Graphic History: 1904 - 2001”

The Venice Arts Council has just published a book “Art Tiles at Venice Beach A Graphic History: 1904 - 2001” (Helicon Nine Editions). The book is designed to draw attention to the existence of these remarkable tiles that not only mark the adjoining streets but also depict a graphic history of Venice Beach designed by local Venetian artists. The reproduction of these handmade art tiles in book form is meant to retain the concept and creative ideas of the project in perpetuity.

Currently, three benches and six tiles have been removed from Ocean Front Walk due to the deterioration of the benches. The Venice Arts Council Endangered Art Fund formed a Tile Rescue and Preservation Program to replace these tiles and benches.

Proceeds from the book will fund the preservation and protection of these tiles and the benches that house them. Suggested donation is $20 per book.

The book may be purchased at: Small World of Books, Beyond Baroque, SPARC, Skylight Books or from the Venice Arts Council.....see contact information below.

Thousands of people, tourists and residents alike, who come to the Venice Ocean Front Walk are surprised and delighted by the aesthetically pleasing benches and the handmade art tiles

The Venice Community Housing Corporation is a fiscal sponsor of the Venice Arts Council Endangered Art Fund, the mission being the protection and preservation of public art in Venice.

Emily Winters, Chair and Co-founder of the Venice Arts Council

emilywinters1936@gmail.com or (310)306-7372

Four Local Venice Non-profits, Arts Educator and Students Collaborate on Venice Beach Poet’s Monument Restoration Project

(VENICE-1/22/14) Several of Venice’s iconic public art works have suffered from neglect and have fallen into disrepair due to increased vandalism and the lack of adequate funds allocated for maintenance programs. Over the last two years, four Venice based organizations and an elementary art school teacher and her students, have joined forces to ensure the vibrancy of one of these unique public art works, the Venice Beach Poet’s Monument. The monument features poetry fragments by 18 poets on four Venice Beach locations and features historic Venice Beat Poets; Frank T. Rios, Tony Scibella, Charles Bukowski, Stuart Perkoff, and John Thomas as well as Jim Morrison of the “Doors”, Exene Cervenka of the punk-rock band “X”, and actor Viggo Mortensen.

Contact: Suzanne Thompson (310) 570-5419 suzannethompson55@gmail.com Endangered Art Fund

Venice Art Tiles

Artist Reception for Frank Strasser and Margaret Molloy, February 9, 2013, 4-6PM

The Venice Arts Council presents a joint artist reception for Photographer Margaret Molloy and Painter Frank Strasser.

The Happy Hour Reception will be held: Sunday, February 9, 2014, 4-6pm at Hama Sushi: 213 Windward Avenue, Venice CA 90291 (310) 396-8783.
A portion of the proceeds from art sales will benefit the Venice Japanese
American Memorial Marker. The “VJAMM” Committee plans to erect a memorial to honor Venice-area Americans of Japanese descent imprisoned during WWII.

Art Tiles at Venice Beach

Venice Art Tiles

The Venice Arts Council is publishing a souvenir book “Art Tiles at Venice Beach”. The book is designed to draw attention to the existence of these remarkable tiles that depict a graphic history from 1904 to 2001 of Venice designed by local Venetian artists. This is the result of the Ocean Front Walk renovation project in 2000. The printed reproduction of the hand made art tiles in book form is meant to retain the concept and creative ideas of the project in perpetuity. Currently, three benches and six tiles have been removed from the Ocean Front Walk and the Venice Arts Council Art Tile Rescue Program, part of our Endangered Art Fund, will replace these tiles.

This is a non-profit endeavor to preserve and restore the 22 art tiles on the 11 benches on Ocean Front Walk. The price of the book is $20 each, 64 pages soft cover depicting each of the colorful 22 tiles with adjoining commentary. The book will be available January 7, 2014.

If you wish to be a sponsor for the printing of this book, a $500 contribution will list your business on the Sponsors Map and with coordinating numbers, your business name, address, and contact information on the facing page.

If you wish to contribute less than $500, your name and the name of your business will appear in the book as a Supporter of this project. The proceeds from the sales of this book will fund the maintenance of the tiles and the benches that house them. Your contribution may be considered a tax deduction to a non-profit organization.

If you wish to pre-order make your checks out to:

Venice Community Housing Corporation/Venice Arts Council
Memo: Art Tiles at Venice Beach

Pre-order: $20.00
Sponsor: $500.00

mail to:

Venice Arts Council
PO Box 993
Venice, CA 90294

or call Emily (310)306-7372 emilywinters1936@gmail.com

Wanda Coleman, Presente!

babe, what highway are you on now
what direction?
north, south, east
how is the wind the sun the smell of earth?
How does it feel under your shoes?
have you eaten?
Wanda Coleman 1946-2013


Unified Mural Ordinance Letter

August 14, 2013
Los Angeles City Council
City Hall | 200 N. Spring Street Rm. 360
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Attn: Hon. Herb Wesson, Council President
Ms. June Lagmay, City Clerk
Re: CF 11-0923 | Mural Ordinance
Request passage of Version A with an overlay zone option
Dear President Wesson and all Los Angeles City Council Members:

We the undersigned as representatives of the mural arts community hereby request the passage of the mural ordinance on Tuesday, August 20th. After 10 years of a legislated ban on murals on private property, our organizations and the artists we represent have waited long enough.

What are we doing?

 Our core committee is working constantly on several projects.  
     We are restoring the Ocean Front Walk Bench Tiles.  These were special large community themed ceramic art pieces which were incorporated into Ocean Front Walk Benches.  Several of the benches have crumbled and need to be replaced.
We are publishing a Ocean Front Walk Bench Tiles Book.  You'll see it in the stores soon.  

LA is getting it's murals back.

 The City Planning Commission (CPC) heard many artists, teachers, activists, etc. explain once again what should be included or disregarded in the proposed ordinance.  Read the longer story here:  http://notesonlooking.com/2012/10/la-is-getting-its-murals-back/

Fred Dewey, Mike Bonin, Pegarty Long, and Richard Modiano on the Venice Beach Poets Monument

QUOTES:  Venice is precious and I chose the poets - for what will hopefully be only a first round of permanent boardwalk poems - to reflect the area's history, depth, and promise. Culture can be protected in Los Angeles, and the poets are our voice, our sustenance. Their poems, if properly preserved, can remind the world not only why Venice is important but how meaningfully democracy has been, and can be, protected there.  Fred Dewey, Curator, Former Director, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center
 As Philomene Long wrote, Venice is a “holy ground, stained with the blood of poets.”  From the Beats to the Doors to the punks, poetry has been central to the rhythm of Venice.  We celebrate it by keeping it alive in the heart of our community – at the beach, with the tides, the sunsets, the children, and the sounds and sensations of our city.  – Mike Bonin, Lover of Venice and advocate for public art who championed the project while working for then Councilmember Ruth Galanter current Chief of Staff, Office of Councilman Bill Rosendahl

Fred Dewey sends his regards from Berlin

STATEMENT FROM VENICE BEACH POET'S MONUMENT CURATOR FRED DEWEY: I am sorry I couldn't be here with you for this great beginning put on by the Arts Council. It's deeply encouraging that you all are here.

The restoration of the walls is vital. Who else but the poets could put the spirit of freedom into words, expressing the heart and soul of Venice? They must be preserved.

So I send you a warm hello and encouragement, from chilly, free Berlin, where the air and light are still not as beautiful or warm, the poetry never as much part of the soul and ground, holy ground - as beloved Philomene put it - as in my raucous and real home, Venice.  And as to that, I recently discovered, to my surprise, that Philomene's fellow Irishman, in Berlin so many years ago, actually said: "ich bin ein Venetian-er!"

So.... SAVE that holy ground, SAVE the poems, and SAVE Venice!

Fred Dewey at the Venice Beach Poets Monument

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