Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Eric Ahlberg

I am the webmaster of this site.   I am a digger.  I dig the cool people in my neighborhood and try to help them out with my skills as a graphic designer, computer administrator and troubleshooter, sound engineer, musician, photographer, poet, YouTuber.
I am known for my works by: Venice Community Housing Corporation Founder Steve Clare, Inside/Out Community Arts Director Johnathan Zeichner, SPARC Founder Judy Baca, Beyond Baroque Director Fred Dewey, and many others.
Find me on Facebook (all the other Eric Ahlbergs look like kids)
Or on YouTube
I have thousands of photos on Flickr
I have my piano improvisation album here:
And a few cuts here on this lost MySpace site which I have no way to change anymore.
I work with Ed Pearl on Ashgrove Foundation Events.  and here

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