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Unified Mural Ordinance Letter

August 14, 2013
Los Angeles City Council
City Hall | 200 N. Spring Street Rm. 360
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Attn: Hon. Herb Wesson, Council President
Ms. June Lagmay, City Clerk
Re: CF 11-0923 | Mural Ordinance
Request passage of Version A with an overlay zone option
Dear President Wesson and all Los Angeles City Council Members:

We the undersigned as representatives of the mural arts community hereby request the passage of the mural ordinance on Tuesday, August 20th. After 10 years of a legislated ban on murals on private property, our organizations and the artists we represent have waited long enough.

For those council districts that want a mural free zone, we believe an overlay zone would be appropriate. The majority of communities that have supported murals in their districts for decades should not be penalized for those few districts that oppose murals. Our streets and neighborhoods are our museums. We owe the next generation an opportunity to contribute to and learn from the rich mural legacy that once made Los Angeles the Mural Capital of the World. Let’s regain this title by passing an ordinance that sends a message that the City of Los Angeles is a mural friendly city once again.

The murals as expressions of our communities are worthy of respect by our representatives in the city council. The mural community has worked hard to help shape a mural policy that we all believe to be fair and just. When you have the majority of us who have made murals a key aspect of our artistic life, our voice should not be ignored. Today we give you a unified voice from our respective artistic communities, PASS THE MURAL ORDINANCE NOW. Thank you for your consideration and we request that our letter be included in the record and filed in CF 11-0923.

Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA)
Venice Arts Council (VAC)
Plaza de la Raza
Mobile Mural Lab (MML)
Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG)
Art Share LA
United Painters and Public Artists (UPPA)
Mictlan Murals
Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts
Conservancy of Urban Art
LA Freewalls

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